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Car seat standard changes

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    I just posted this in the sticky car seat thread but thought I'd update it as its own thread also.


    Here is the information thread on car seats in Aus




    Now, that news......



    News update re changes to car seat laws


    Please note the part where it informs that using Isofix cars seats from other countries will still be illegal (as are all car seats imported and not tested to Aus standards and approved).




    2013 Australian Standard Revision



    Posted By: Tom .

    7th June 2013


    Today, a revision to the Australian Standard for Child Restraints in Vehicles was published. The standard dictates how and what manufacturers are able to build and sell on the Australian market. It includes the following significant changes to the standard;


    • The provision for longer use of rearward facing restraints.
    • The provision for longer in-built harness use in forward facing restraints.
    • The provision for longer use of booster seats.
    • The provision for ISOFix-compatible lower attachment connectors.

    InfaSecure views these changes as extremely positive, and look forward to developing new types of restraints to better cater to Australian and New Zealand parents and children.

    There are a few important clarifications that should be considered in view of the provision for ISOFix;


    • The provision for ISOFix does not mean that existing ISOFix restraints from other countries are automatically certified for use. None of the existing ISOFix restraints have been certified, and thus remain illegal to use.
    • The revision makes provision for ISOFix in Type A (Rearward Facing), Type B (Forward Facing with in-built harness) and combination Type A/B Convertibles (Rearward / Forward Facing with in-built harness). Type E (Booster seats) and combination Type B/E (Forward Facing with in-built harness / Booster seat) will not be available with lower attachment connectors under the 2013 revision.
    • ISOFix compatible seats certified to the Australian Standard will continue to require the use of the top tether strap.
    • ISOFix compatible seats will only sit two across the back seat of vehicles, as there are only two sets of attachment clips in most vehicles.

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    Guest Chris_J

    ISOFix and top tether sounds good to me, much easier to fit. Euro car seats use a bar sitting on the floor or a tether that goes over the back seats and fixes at the back in the boot. Not much of a fan of the belted ones, a real pita

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