Glaucoma treatment under medicare

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    Hi Guys,looks as if the rogue family gene for Glaucoma has passed to me as Optician has confirmed that eye pressure is high.


    Can anyone who is being treated under the public system for Glaucoma give me an indication of waiting times ,and treatment costs etc and just a general over view of treatment here.I know as I have asthma that treatment options may be a little more difficult.


    Any views greatly appreciated.


    Thanks Sue

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    Hi Sue,


    I just read your post, I've got the same issue.

    First of all, go to your GP and get a referral letter for an ophthalmologist in order not to pay the full amount by yourself. The GP should also recommend an specialist for Glaucoma, at least 2 are available in Adelaide.

    Medicare covers around 55 % of the consultation fee (about 130 AUD, 65 AUD were covered in my case) and the appropriate treatment like visual field treatment, intraocular pressure measurement ca. 50 %. The rest is the so called 'out of pocket money' which you have to pay no matter if you have a private health insurance or not.

    SLT Laser treatment is nearly fully covered by medicare (around 450 AUD, 50 Dollar gap for patients) which I have done, because I wanted to get rid of the daily drops.

    Do you use drops already?

    Medicare only covers very little for prescriptions, 36,10 AUD has to be paid by myself, 7 Dollars benefit comes from medicare. This is due to the co-payment which is 36,10 AUD this year under the PBS from medicare when you don't have a concession card (health card).

    Hopes that helps.

    Regards, Rab

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