Possible House sit.

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    My wife & I are renting a 3 bedroom 2 storey house in Park Holme, which is situated about 10 mins from the Sea, (Brighton & Somerton Park)and about 15 mins to the city.


    We are planning to return to the UK for about 3 months from the end of May, and wonder if anybody would care for a furnished house to live in for that period.


    It was Brand new when we moved in 6 weeks ago, and although some of the furniture is a bit older we do have new appliances like dishwasher, cooker. Fridge Freezer and Washing machine. It is a 3 bedroom house but we only have 2 double beds and a study area, in the 3rd bedroom.


    We would be looking for a fee of A$250 a week plus bills like heating, water and telephone. We will still be paying the rent which is quite a lot more than that. A security deposit of A$1000 would also be required.

    If anybody is interested, please contact me.

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    It sounds like a good deal to me. Park Holme is near where I live and it is close to everything in the centre and the beach. Lots of public transport close by. If anyone is needing somewhere then, they should go for it, as for an unfurnished house to rent you are looking at 250-350 a week.

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