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Warning. Girl Grabbed in Aberfoyle Park.

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    Look, bad things happen everywhere and it is not unusual for schools to issue warnings regarding 'Stranger Danger' situations but this one...well, I think it's worth passing on.


    At around 3.30pm Friday arvo three guys tried to grab a teenager from near Aberfoyle Park High School. The police are involved but the girl's mum would like as many people warned as possible.


    The guys appeared to be in their late teens / early twenties, wore black trackie daks and black hoodies, one had an Adidas bumbag.


    She had the presence of mind to fight back so one guy should have scratches on his hand.


    This post is to inform, not scare or start an Aus v UK debate.


    'Nuff said!



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    Thanks LC. There was also an incident this week near Mercedes College where a car pulled up alongside a boy, and the driver told him his mother had been in an accident and he'd been sent to collect him. Luckily the boy had the presence of mind to run back to the school rather than getting in the car. A reminder I guess for us all to reiterate the message to our kids.

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