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what medical is done for pr?

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    Can anyone tell us of their recent experience of a pr medical that has been done for their visa.

    We wanted to know what we'll be asked and which tests are done etc?

    how deep is the process and how long does it take?


    any help is appreciated and which hospitals can be recommended, we were looking at spires?



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    There are only a limited number of places you can go for a medical. Here is the list




    If you really want to know what the doctors etc have to do you can read the PDF online



    FWIW, my medical was chest x ray, blood test (HIV), urine dip, weight, height, BP, basic medical checkover (lungs, heart, eyes, ears, mouth) and answering a heap of questions. I had to provide some paperwork to give more info on some medical stuff and the Doctor sifted through it all, took what he needed from the pile and entered the results on his computer.


    At the end he said I was being given a A rating (apparently the best rating you can get in a medical) although it may be referred but there was nothing of note he had concerns over but immigration would of course follow it up if they felt the need.


    This has more info about it all



    Also children under a certain age don't have to have an HIV test (and can't recall what the cut off is for the chest x ray either).


    FWIW I was expecting a breast exam (as am over 40 and was told this is standard) but it seems its not the case anymore. But not sure if its meant to be done or only done if there is a medical reason or some such.


    I think I was in there for about an hour and a half to two hours all up. Pay up front, x ray first then wait for doc for the medical part. He also quickly reviewed the X ray to make sure it was ok and was happy with it. It wasn't anything major and I didn't find it anything to write home about in terms of being invasive or unpleasant.


    ETA - Costs vary. Adult medical for me was just £300 at Cardiff Spire. Sure it was £300. Kids cost a bit less obviously. Depending on where you are it can pay to travel in terms of money saved if the prices are better but I just went with the nearest for ease. It was about £30 difference in price and I couldn't really justify the longer travelling etc to balance it all out.

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    Are you from Cardiff snifter? I've been here for over twenty years.


    Lovely city but nope. Close though. We live over the water just outside of Bristol :) Was brought up round here, moved away as a teenager and somehow after travelling all over the place, living elsewhere happily in the UK, I married an Aussie who then got a job in Bristol so we ended up back here :cute:


    My mother is Welsh :biggrin:



    Btw, when are you heading over?

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