Glenelg's Orange Spot Bakery has Australia's best pasties

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    Apparently :cute:



    AUSTRALIA'S finest pasties are baked at Glenelg's Orange Spot Bakery.

    The Anzac Rd institution is again officially home to the country's best pasties after being awarded the top prize in the national "Great Aussie Pastie Competition" this month. The bakery has won the coveted award, dished out by the Baking Associations of Australia, four years running. It took eight judges three days to sample 1500 pies and pasties in Melbourne this month.

    "We're really pleased. We've worked really hard as it takes a long time to get it down pat," Orange Spot owner Nick Davey said.

    He said changing his pastry recipe was the key to his success. "I'm not going to go into too many details, but the head judge told us it was the best pastry he's tasted in 25 years of judging.

    This year Mr Davy changed the formula, production and baking process. "It's not something that happens overnight. It took us six months to perfect, so there's a lot of stuff that's thrown in the bin along the way." Top-quality local ingredients were crucial, he said.

    "My suppliers know that if they don't send the best, then the delivery will be boomeranging right back to them. We pay more for 1kg of potatoes than what you pay for 5kg in the supermarket."

    Mr Davey has run the bakery for 11 years and employs 26 staff. He is already looking at ways to improve his pasties for next year. "After 43 years of baking, it's become a way of life for me."

    Customers munch through about 3000 of his award-winning pasties each week.



    Article about the award here -

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    Will have to give them a try.

    I think that there was a thread on here about pies.

    I would have thought that there would have been more "decent" pie outlets....with the "Pie floater" being such a big thing!

    There's a great pie shop in Collins meat parade in Hackam East and a great one in Willunga.



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    I'm looking forward to trying them. I do love a well made pasty and of course, being the UK there are no end of good outlets and shops selling a huge variety here if the mood strikes. My son (aged 5) loves a decent sausage roll also, usually a Saturday morning treat when we hit the farmers market. He'll tackle a pasty on occasion so it'll be nice to have somewhere local in the neighbourhood to try out once we arrive.


    I've tried a pie floater in the past but tbh the pea thing isn't my thing :unsure: Pie part was good though :cute: Hubby drowned his in ketchup I seem to recall.

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