Update on the 457 Amendment Bil

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    Update on the 457 Amendment Bill - it has now cleared Senate.


    The amendments contained in the Bill, will introduce the following:


    - Under the amended legislation, 457 sponsors must undertake Labour Market Testing (LMT) in relation to subclass 457 nominated occupations. To demonstrate LMT, the sponsor will be required to show that they have sought a suitable qualified Australian citizen or permanent resident within 6 months prior to submission of an application.


    This will impact on companies hiring trade occupations immediately (ANZSCO Skill level 3 and under - Skill level 1 & 2 will be exempt initially although specific occupations from these may be listed as requiring LMT).



    - This also includes a change permitting visa holders 90 days (previously 28) to seek a further sponsor or leave the country should their employment with the sponsoring employer cease for any reason.


    I'm sure we will hear more in the coming days.



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