Lazy Cow

Cheap Tickets to Adam Hills, 30 June!

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    So jealous. He is on my bucket list.


    I wanted to go see him before but was heavily pregnant and not able to (literally a few days before my due date and because we had to buy tickets in advance we didn't want to risk it).


    Hopefully I'll get a chance to see him in the future.


    He did a great TV show last summer on channel 4 here in the UK during the Paralympics (covering it with a humourous spin) called The Last Leg and it was so popular its been given its own series unrelate to the sport and looks like it'll be going to Brasil paralympics as well.

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    Guest Adelaide_bound

    damn, grrr I didn't see these before. :arghh: :cry: Reallllllly want to see him live, he rocks (and seems a really nice person too in all interviews etc)

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