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    Ok, today I have been accused of not offering the moderator positions to members on here, can I say that I have done previously and despite everyone complaining about the current mods no one puts their hand up to volunteer, so let's see if this is going to be any different, maybe the person who complained will be our next mod who knows.:idea:

    I would also like to point out the reason I have brought outsiders in is for 2 reasons:


    1) These people currently mod on the AMF Network of Forums and are great at their jobs.

    2) Previously we have been accused of having favorites, well like me the last 2 mods I brought on don't know any of you from adam so have no axe to grind etc.


    So, would anyone like to be a mod, we expect a minimum of 2 hour a day on the forum, someone who is active who starts threads/debates, answers members. Someone who can mod to the forum rules http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/welcome/1084-forum-rules.html. Someone who can remain neutral. Someone who will not get upset when the mod bashing starts and someone who is a team player and will work with the team of mods we have.

    Don't worry you are still allowed to have an opinion and post as a member as long as people know when you are speaking as a member or a mod.


    If this person is you then please send me a pm and myself and Cerberus1 will go through the applications and choose the next mod. I await the mad rush of volunteers:wideeyed:

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    Just bumping this as after the complaint we received I expected lots of people would be rushing to fill the vacancy, I can confirm we have not had one older member apply for the position.

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