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Tra Confusion !!!

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    Guest Julie P



    I could do with your advice/thoughts on this:


    My OH is a P&D and was originally going through pathway D of TRA before it was withdrawn last September. Simon on this site sent me loads of info on the NVQ process (thanks Simon) to have a think on what to do. Then in October Go Matilda our agent who on their website had had extensive talks with TRA advised us that pathway B would be open as long as a NVQ level 2 or higher could be obtained and TRA would waive the 900 hours of college study so that he could get his TRA.


    OH went through the process of doing his NVQ level 2 and will all be signed off next week (we then have to wait a couple of weeks to get the certificate).


    A few weeks ago Go Matilda contacted us and advised that they had one of their clients go through the pathway B with a NVQ and the TRA was rejected as they had not done 900 hours of college study - when GM challenged this with TRA they said that they have never granted a TRA under pathway B without 900 hours of college study!! even is someone had NVQ level 2 or 3.


    GM have advised us that we can either wait for the TRA pathways to be altered and that they should be done by July at the latest OR still go for his TRA and hope that the assessor who picks his case up will waive the 900 hours with the experience that he has!.


    To put another thought in the process when OH went to the London Expo on the 15th March a company told him that if he wanted to work in Brisbane then he could go under a 457 visa and be in the country in 3 months!.


    Any advice would be appreciated




    Julie & Colin

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    Hi there,


    I am interested to read the reply to your question. My OH is a Joiner but has only really been doing it as an occupation since September, having decided that we want to emigrate and Joinery is on the MODL. He has been self tought and also done it as a hobby but having decided to emigrate he realises that he needs NVQ 2 at least so his employers are putting him through it by on the job assessments and he only has few months left before he completes it. I understand from Vetasses that he needs to have worked as a joiner for 2 years minimum before he can go for his practical assessments. Where does the 900 hrs college time come into it? Just when you think you are understanding the procedure something else crops up!!:arghh: Look forward to hearing people's replies.

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