Looking for somewhere to Live from 20th Sept

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    Hi All

    My wife and I land in Adelaide from UK on 20th September and I start work for EPA on Monday 23rd Sept. We are looking for a furnished house until our furniture arrives approx 8 weeks. Looking around Glenelg, Brighton or areas nearby but also like Mount Barker and Flagstaff Hill areas which we have visited in April

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Guest Guest12727

    is that based in Kent Town and will you be driving?

    Try airbnb. For such long term you can likely negotiate a better price than you see online

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    Guest Bonnydoon7

    Hi Kevinr,

    congratulations on your decision to come to Adelaide, such a pretty city/big town with a relaxed family feel, and I am sure you will enjoy your new laid-back Aussie lifestyle. September is spring here and the gardens will be looking fresh and green, summer is around the corner and the beaches beckoning!

    The areas around Brighton and Glenelg are quite close to the city as well as being beach suburbs, with one of Adelaide's biggest and best retail centres close by at Marion, public transport and good schools and the Aquatic Centre with slides and pools for the kids. I prefer this area for all of these reasons and more.

    Mount Barker is about 40 mins or more drive away from the city so although it is has a pretty and leafy country village atmosphere, it is in quite remote for commuting, public transport and entertainment. Flagstaff Hill, also pretty and leafy, is closer to the action, easy to commute to and from and also has good schools, though public transport, entertainment and shopping are not so accessible.

    It comes down to what will suit your needs, they're all good places to live but I love being near the sea.

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