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    I heard some of these discussions on the radio yesterday. Basically there were panels of 'experts' brought together throughout the day to discuss the following in SA

    • Politics
    • Economics
    • Liveability
    • Sport
    • The Arts


    Some discussions threw up some interesting points. On the economic state of SA, the overall outcome was that while we haven't been great, if things are done right in the near future we can be optimistic. We need the pollies to focus on the right areas.


    You can see the scores out of 10


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        South Australia has lifted from sixth to fourth on the performance rankings in Commsec's latest 'State of the States' quarterly report.
        South Australia is third on dwelling starts, business investment and unemployment

        For each state and territory, latest readings for the key indicators were compared with decade averages – that is, against the ‘normal’ performance.
        The State of the States report also includes a section comparing annual growth rates for the eight key indicators across the states and territories as well as Australia as a whole. This enables another point of comparison – in terms of economic momentum.
        South Australia ranks third, its 5.8 per cent jobless rate is 3.5 per cent below the decade average and stands at a 5- year low.
        Equipment Investment
        Equipment investment in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania are all at their highest levels in two years.
        Construction Work
        The ACT has remained in fourth position with construction work 6.6 per cent above decade averages followed by South Australia (up 3.9 per cent).
        Dwelling Starts
        South Australian starts are 5.0 per cent above decade averages