SA govt boosts funding to attract more migrants

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    The Souths Australian government has announced an extra $600,000 in State Government funding over two years to help boost skilled and business migrant numbers in South Australia.


    Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade Minister, Tom Kenyon said the government was seeking to attract eligible people with the skills required to help drive the State's economic growth.


    "Business and skilled migration contributes to our economic growth by creating further investment opportunities, jobs and greater industry capability," Mr Kenyon said.


    "The extra funding will assist Immigration SA to undertake a number of important marketing strategies to target potential skilled and business migrants in the United Kingdom and Asia.


    "We'll broaden our promotion of the state to remind potential migrants of the many benefits in moving to South Australia.


    "There are employment, education and lifestyle advantages that we can constantly highlight to help attract people."


    "We're seeking to build and maintain relationships with migration agents, particularly in China," Mr Kenyon said.


    "Immigration SA will also use the funding allocation to boost the number of overseas missions in targeted locations, such as China.


    "This complements the State Government's China Engagement Strategy which outlines how we can forge a stronger alliance with China to take advantage of the benefits locally and abroad for industry, business and the community."


    Mr Kenyon said the State Government was also reviewing its state migration criteria and requirements.


    "The Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet is working with local industry on a 90-day project reviewing current state migration criteria with the aim of increasing eligibility for potential migrants.


    "The project - part of the Public Sector Renewal Program - is the first step in a long-term strategy to more effectively participate in national programs for attracting permanent skilled and business migrants," Mr Kenyon said.


    Immigration SA has also launched a new website providing South Australian migrants and people interested in moving to the state with a better and more informative online experience.

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    Guest BurgessFamily

    We need more migrants to boost the property market, to boost the economy. :P

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