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What I enjoy on the Computer

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    Guest malvina

    I hadn't even looked at a computer until I retired from my business. My son insisted I buy one and I

    never thought I'd ever be able to use it. I was just left to find out and learned mainly by trial and error.


    I enjoy so many things now and really spend too much time on it, it has become a lot of my social life.


    I play bridge here either live or with the computer, also


    I enjoy watching videos of all the tv programs, like Dr Phil, Unsolved Mysteries, 48 hours etc


    But most of all I enjoy watching and listening to these Brazilian kids. They sing Gospel music

    and I Love them as if they was my own, I 'miss' them if I don't keep up with their videos.

    I think you will enjoy them too so I will post them.


    My favourite is Milena Vilaqua. Her mother is a Gospel singer and when Milena was 2 years old, her

    mother went to the stage to sing and Milena followed her, she insisted on staying and singing with her.

    She had a voice and sang in tune!

    At 3 yrs she joined a talent agency and her first appearance was something else.


    'Rau' (the director) called her out and she wouldn't come first, eventually she turned up talking

    (All in Brazilian) complaining, 'You haven't told me what to do yet'

    Rau said, 'What can you do?'

    'Everything' she said.... then proceeded to show that she can act, narrate a story, sing and dance.

    She finished up praying for her president.



    This video is a discourse with Rau, where he torments her badly. She has rehearsed her

    song and he insists on her doing something else!- and she is just not having any. She tries

    every trick in the book to get her own way and it is very funny, especially when she decides to

    attack his hat. It has a happy ending.



    hope you enjoy them as much as I do


    God Bless

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    "What I enjoy on the computer"


    I wasn't at all sure I wanted to find out! :err:


    Glad you're getting some enjoyment in retirement from being online. Plenty of material of all kinds 'out there' whatever your interests or hobbies!

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    Yes its a great tool for making you want to commit suicde or murder, wrote may last post 3 times as the auto save does not save everthing and wont post because you have to refresh the page. only seem to do it on this site for some reason, so my last post was shortened to try and beat that invisible deadline gremlin!!!:confused:

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