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This lovely boy.....

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    Guest malvina

    Was born with water on the brain – Hydrocephalus (had to look it up)


    The doctor told his parents he wouldn’t make it. A faith-filled couple they

    prayed, He survived but with poor health over the years.


    He has become well known as Gospel singer and brought ? - some say thousands to Christ.

    When you hear him you will know why.

    This was voted the best rendition of Amazing Grace by the music industry



    I have picked out his most popular songs.


    I challenge anyone not to feel happy after listening to this.




    He wins the final of Brazil’s Got Talent with this





    His most popular performance



    listed as

    His Most Beautiful Performance





    About a year ago his voice broke. He has lost some hearing and eyesight and done

    very little singing since. We are hoping he will get going again one day.






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    The Lord givest, and the Lord takes away.


    In one of his beautiful songs, he asked the Lord to change him, to use him. This is happening and he will be a leading light for many years to come.



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