Almost a year Now

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    Hi everyone


    Its almost been a year since we arrived in Awesome Adelaide. Its been a really really fun year and its gone too quick. We are still loving it here but have started missing family n friends in London more than what we used to when we first arrived.


    Our daughter is loving every bit of her new way of life in Adelaide and absolutely loves her school to bits. We have started house hunting close to where we live and hoping to find something pretty soon as our rental lease finishes in Oct 2013. We are looking in Flagstaff hill/Aberfoyle Park area.


    The natural beauty in Adelaide still amazes us and we are really grateful for all the beautiful experiences we are having.




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    Happy anniversary! The homesickness comes and goes, even after you've been here a good few years. I wouldn't live in the UK again but I still occasionally miss the place and of course, all our family and friends. Maybe plan a trip back next year - or better still persuade family and friends to come and see you!

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