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    Guest Tatts

    Errrrr.... HI!

    We are new to this, so here goes,

    We Visited Aus last year but didn't get to South Australia.

    We are in process of immigration through an agent. Decided on this as I'm 45 in Nov and need to get this right first time. We are up to EOI going through and South Australia State sponsorship. IELTS done (8 or more in all parts) and Positive skills assessment for 312512 Mechanical Engineering technician.

    Anyone know of the type of thing needed on the State Sponsor form as to researching the area.

    We like the look of Seaview Downs or similar in that direction, Are house prices high in these areas?

    We have an 18 year old hopefully coming on our visa as a dependant student going to Uni and a 14 year old going to Secondary school.


    Any advise or tips pointers in the right direction are welcome.


    Thanks in Advance

    The Tatts


    Sorry if I've posted in the wrong place, and happy to take the rollicking if I have.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum :) Not the wrong area at all. You may find posting specific questions in their related area of the forum gets you more feedback though. Hopefully once those on the Aus side start to wake up you'll get some more feedback.


    Sorry I can't help with the SS form stuff (not my visa type).


    Have you checked out Seaview Downs on ? Try this link to the Buy properties in that area. You can also expand your search out or chuck in other suburbs





    Sounds good you have your 18 YO as a dependant and planning to attend uni.


    Also have a browse of sections of the forum and see if you can turn anything up that might be of use.


    Good luck with the application.

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    Have you looked into things like Uni costs? I am not sure but you may find yourself having to pay international fees until you have got citizenship...but worth checking as that might not be the case.


    As far as areas go, with an 18 year old I would base yourself as close to the city as you can afford. Most activity for that age group tends to be in the city or its surrounds. I'm not quite sure what sort of work your OH will be looking for in Mechanical Engineering Technician field - but if that's office-based then there are a few engineering/building services type companies in the city (my Brother in Law works for KBR for instance and I know of a couple of other similar ones) - or if he's more of a hands-on type worker, then there are several companies along Grand Junction Road which is just slightly to the north of the city.


    Welcome to the site and good luck with your plans.

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    As a permanent resident Uni costs are charged at domestic student rates, but there is no help with the fees and they have to be paid upfront, although I'm not sure if that is by term or for the year.


    As well as house prices for an area you can also look at houses to rent on the realestate site Snifter has provided a link to above. I don't know the area at all so can't really comment but I would say wait until you get here and have a good look round before deciding on an area. What looks good on paper doesn't always have the right feel in person.


    Use the website to research the senior schools in the areas you are considering. Most schools have there own website that you can get quite a bit of information about the school from. School newsletters can give quite an in site in to what are areas of concern, or what things are happening at the school.


    good luck with it all.

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