Guest gary

475 to 887 visa quary

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    Guest gary


    I am new to this forum.I am currently on 475 visa in NSW and going to complete 2 years this SEP2013 and planning to apply 887 visa. so I m collecting all my documents,

    I have 3 quaries:

    1)Have I to do Indian Police Clearance because I was in india for 5 weeks During this 2 year

    2)What documents can i show to prove my residency because I have no lease,or any bill

    3)Have I to do Medicals before.If not now then what I have to fill in my online application in medical column.


    If someone has done all this,


    please respond

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    First off, you need police checks for every country you have lived in within the last ten years, so yes.


    Second. You must have SOMETHING with your address on. What about your tax returns? Car insurance? Medicare? Car rego?


    Yes you do need to do the medical.

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    Guest SKS

    hello all, How to apply for 887 visa on line?

    Do I just fill out the info 1st and submit the necessary docs after with TRN no (on line)?

    I assume I will be attaching doc as you go with the questions.

    Your help will be much appreciated.


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