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Oh the irony.......

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    [h=5]LOL, coincidence or what???:eek:


    During the first half of the morning we watched our neighbor feeding an obviously tame Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. The he just flew off............ Later Mrs Tyke was hanging the washing out and suddenly felt a flutter of wings and heard "hello Cocky!"........... sat on the washing line was the Cockatoo!! A lovely bird in fine condition so only recently lost. He kept waving one of his claws and was even tapping on the fence. He would take food from us but no way would he be touched. He was much more attracted to SMrs Tyke than I:shocked:

    We called the RSPCA and said we would try and catch the Cocky but no luck. Later when I was passing I called in to the RSPCA to suggest that they come out to catch this bird. Oh the irony!!!!! Turns out the Cocky was from there! They were showing someone who was thinking of buying him when he flew off!


    They did come around later but we still don't know if they caught him or not????[/h]

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