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Any youngsters what to meet new mates?

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    Would it be possible if this could also be posted on the youngster’sarea?


    Since arriving two years ago our daughter has loved playing both forms ofcricket Australia has to offer, outdoor during summer where she plays for ourlocal side and I coach. During the winter she plays indoor at both super leagueand state level and absolutely loves it.


    With the indoor she plays for the under 17 girl’s team and have just returnedfrom a great week away in New South Wales. She has met and made some fantasticfriends through both forms, but more so the indoor with girls her age. So muchso is the relationships they build with the other teams they all cannot waitfor the next interstate competition.


    Sadly the girls side of things is not very well supported, or well known, somuch so they will struggle to have an under 17s team next year as the majorityof this year’s team will be too old and there are no younger ones snapping at their heels.


    So if the thought of playing a fast, physically demanding, extremely rewardingsport of indoor cricket (I know many will think cricket is boring, please lookon YouTube and search indoor cricket it certainly is not boring), in fact itsvery fast with all players needing lightening reactions to become successful.


    What better way of meeting new people and building relationships with others thatwill last for years, through involvment you will get to meet many stars in cricket from local state heroesto Australian players in all ranges of age groups, so please get involved.


    If this is even remotely of interest to anyone let me know, there are superleague games played every weekend at various Indoor Cricket Arenas (ICAs) whereyou could come and watch the girls/ladies teams compete and see for yourself, make your own mind up withoutany cost or pressure. If this is something that would be of interest to you letme know, I can tell you when the next games locally to you are, and maybe youcould be playing for the South Australian Spiders at the nationals next yearand if you wish i could talk you though whats going on, but also feel free to remain anonomous so you will have no pressure to get involved. (dates and venue for next years nationals to be released in the next two weeks) Honestly anyone with theslightest interest in sport and fitness will love indoor cricket.


    This video was filmed at the state junior nationals held earlier this month. TheSouth Australians are in the Red spiders strip. and was filmed bycricket Australia.


    There are various age groups at national levels


    Under 17s

    Under 20s

    Over 35s





    Under 13

    Under 15

    Under 17

    Under 20

    Under 23

    Over 35s



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