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    Just joined pia and was wondering if anyone could advise on the following:



    we have jus started the process of applying for state sponsorship. OH is a mechanic (senior technician) and has worked for a ford dealership for 12 years and is one the top bonus and target hitter there. He's also an MOT tester but don't think that will have any benefit in oz. when we Arrive he will be the one going out to work while I stay at home with our 2 little ones.

    Firstly, is it likely he will get a mechanic job fairly quickly?

    secondly, will we be able to survive on just his wage for a couple of years until the children are at school? I am a primary teacher and would want to to do this in oz but would need to wait until they are both in school. We have talked about me getting a little part time job to help in the evenings if need be but just wondered if anyone could give an insight into a mechanics wages and if we could survive off them. We will be taking about £20,000 to get us set up and started.



    Any opinions or advise would be really be really appreciated,


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    Guest Crushfamily

    I think you might be shocked but the average is $40-45K. You might do better at an independent than main dealer as they are keen to retain staff. One of the guys who has just rejoined us was earning about $58K at the Merc Van Dealer but $18-19 per hour seems common.

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    Guest lippy

    Husband is a mechanic - he recently changed jobs with no problems - so on that I would say there are plenty of mechanic jobs going. Wages generally start around the $22 per hour mark in the franchise dealerships and you can expect to start at the bottom and work your way up.


    Are mechanics no longer on the "wanted list"? you'd be better going for permanent visa takes longer but would give you much better options in the long run.


    Would be worth contacting some of the dealerships here - you never know - like us you may come over with a job to go to?!

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