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    Just wondering if other people generally make sure they are around for their rental inspections. I have mine regularly every three months, and for the first 4.5 years made sure I was there religiously. Part of that was because I didn't trust my rental agents one little bit.

    The company changed, and at around the same time I decided to get a cleaner (only one a fortnight). So I had to get used to having someone in my house while I'm not there anyway. So the last few times I've just left them to it. Luckily their schedule has coincided with the cleaners day for the last few visits.


    I do still slightly panic that they might let me (house) cats out.


    How does everyone else feel about random people wondering around their homes?

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    We've had three or four inspections since we've been here and we have only been around for one of them, and then only because my OH was out of work and happened to be in when they came. It doesn't bother me having them come in the house when we're not here and I would rather that than actually be there when they came. Not sure why, just the way I am I suppose. We have had a cleaner pretty much the whole time for the last 12 or 13 years so I guess I'm used to people coming in to the house when I'm not there. I prefer it when it's cleaner after they have left though.

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