Flatpack houses

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    HiJust a question been looking into real estate in Adelaide and saw the option of buying land then buying a flatpack house. Just wandered if anyone had done this or doing this who could tell us the advantages and disadvantagesThanks kathy

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    Hiya, I guess you mean a "Transportable" such as made by Rivergum homes???


    They are fantastic and the designs have come a long way.


    They can be great value for money - but will always be thought of in the future if you are going to take into account residual / resale value.


    It can be stressfull!!!


    You will have to make so many choices, wait for Council approvals and then find someone else is dipping into your pocket or going a lot higher than the original quote.


    I'd give it a year here before diving into it all.

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    Hi swanseajack, I agree with Tyke in that it will always be thought of as a pre-fab and will affect the resale, as a granny flat (what ever happened to grandad?) in the back yard yes great. For the long term, traditional build is, always has and always will, be your safest bet.

    Again as Tyke says give yourself some time to assess the market and locations, you could buy straight off but then if you find you do not like it for whatever reason, you have to go through all the buy/sell stuff and with agents fees and stamp duty etc then renting initially may well be the cheaper option.

    Good luck with your move and enjoy your new life.:smile:

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    Thanks for replies seems they are very different from the ones in the UK


    Thanks again kthy




    You might be referring to kit homes, which have walls prebuilt, arrive flat packed on a truck and then assembled on site. I have seen some really nice looking ones on tv home shows They can be custom designed with Eco elements incorporated.

    Google kit homes.


    Also look at modular homes. similar but pre built in blocks or cubes and transported to your location. More like the old transportable, but with modern design elements, Eco and sustainable. Google modular homes.


    I think they can be an affordable option especially if you have the skills to put the flat pack version together yourself. I looked into a cube type modular one once, can't remember the company, I think they were based in Queensland, and it was pretty pricey, but it was a cutting edge design.


    The main advantage that I can see is the speed of manufacture, there are no hold ups due to bad weather etc as they are constructed indoors.

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