Composting and worm farms

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    Hi all,


    is anyone else mad enough to be obsessed with making compost and worm farms? One of the things which is far easier here in Oz is compost making as the temps help the compost get to the required temperatures to break everything down quickly. I have two of the tumbling type compost bins, and in the summer I have a new load of compost every 6 weeks!


    My worm farm lives in my house, and only gets tea bags and veggie scraps from the house to avoid getting nasties in there. I do pamper my worms, and don't actually get a huge amount out of them for the care, but they do fascinate me. If anyone is thinking of getting one, my main tip is, in the height of summer, freeze some bottles of water. Take the lid off and leave one laying on the top, with the tap open. Then it melts and slowly works it's way through the worm farm keeping them cool. One summer I did manage to cook my works, it was not nice at all!


    Am I the only crazy person? lol

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    It would appear so!


    My husband has a bit of a worm phobia so they're a definite out for us, but I saw in a magazine last week an article about futuristic kitchens and one of them had a worm farm incorporated into it, so perhaps not so crazy just ahead of your time :)

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