GP reccommendations Brighton/Seacliff/Marino areas for 69 year old male?

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    Really not too happy with the doctor my dad has been seeing. Currently he is awaiting heart surgery (which is stressful enough), but his GP has given him an incorrect dosage of meds, leading to added stress with a trip to A & E and now blood tests done every other day.


    He really needs a GP that ideally is trained in cardiology, or just someone who will keep a closer eye on him and his condition, up until his operation.


    Any recommendations very much appreciated.


    Lisa :o)

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    Thanks alot flossybeth. He's been admitted today after the doctor sent him to A & E as he was getting progressively worse.


    No idea if this will speed things up with the wait on the op but really hope so.


    Thanks again :o)

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