A life of a 475 visa holder

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    I have been in Adelaide for 2 weeks, searching for a job in the IT field. Few jobs to apply through seek, to be specific only 2 posts related to my experience during the last period, contacted more than 7 recruitment companies either by phone or visiting them. Many promises that soon i will be able to get a job ( i hope so). trying to be positive as much as i can. New comers to South Australia be financially prepared as job hunting may need 3 to 6 months and be self prepared and don't not feel panic for not securing a job quickly.

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    Guest Adelaide_bound

    From what both myself and my hubby are gathering (and experiencing) its very much get a foot in the door, doing anything, and then you will be placed where you go best/want to be - accept anything, apply for anything and broaden your cv to make it sound appealing to the widest range of things and you will find it a bit easier.


    Hubby got a job in 2 weeks of half heartedly looking (whilst not being a particularly strong candidate given his self employed history), I'm getting more work than I can shake a stick at and am about to start applying for the odd perm. position (I'm a teacher) now that I have a couple of contacts and being given insider info :)

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