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iPhone 4 unlocked 32gb For Sale

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    Hi folks


    When we emigrated in March I bough an iPhone 4 with me which was unlocked so I could switch between uk and Oz SIM cards - it has served me well since I got it (oct 2012) but the apple geek in me has bowed to pressure and bought a 5 - so this is now surplus to requirements.


    The phone is black, 32gb, perfect condition as it has always been in a hard cover (included) and under a screen protector so no scratches at all. The home button has recently started occasionally sticking but apparently this is a fairly common and fixable problem in these phones - it still works just fine, maybe one time in 10 needs pressing twice.


    No box (was sacrificed in the move) or charger/lead (these are in short supply in my apple centric house but you can pick up a generic one easy enough in Kmart/Big W) but I do have the manual and sim opening tool.


    So - phone, case, manual/tool, unlocked, 32 gb with no dents/scratches - $300


    Pick up from Glenelg. nuve9are.jpgdy2ahyha.jpgruhe5yne.jpg

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