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    Making the move in the new year husband going over first week of January myself and daughter in the February half term. I teach so will be hoping to get some TRT. Husband going early to get rental and hopefully job sorted. He has always worked in call centres but s willing to do anything to start if it's working in a local supermarket or whatever he is open to anything.


    If he goes with this attitude what are the possibilities of gaining employment prior to us going out.


    Is the minimum wage in SA $20 an hour?



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    Guest Adelaide_bound

    It depends on the job Kathy - for any job there is an agreed, written in law 'award', which sets out all the terms and conditions for that job role, from supermarket workers to delivery drivers and so on, which will include the min. wage for that award.


    Just google 'award' and the job role (eg telemarketing/store worker/etc) getting the right name is sometimes a bit of an art, but it will come up with the relevant T&Cs.


    Generally, the min wage will be between $18 and $24 depending on the exact role, age of the worker (adult age - if they are lower than 18 they can pay less as a 'junior' wage) and so on.


    If you budget on around $20 as an average you probably won't be far off.


    There are quite a few call centres around btw - Telstra seems to be recruiting quite a lot, keep an eye on SEEK :)

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    Hi SwanseaJack,


    please bear in mind that securing a job in a supermarket in SA is pretty worthless.

    First of all, you need at least a certificate II in retail for that (I found out very late about that fact, nobody told me and I gained a lot of supermarket experience in Europe when I was a student).

    Secondly, supermarkets, especially Woolworths prefers minors as employees, then they don't have to pay the award!!! Under-aged persons get between 65-80 % of the minimum wage in retail.

    That's one of the reasons I avoid shopping at Woolworths. Nobody told us when we came, I was just wondering why I didn't found a job in retail. By the way, I think nearly every migrants took the supermarket option into account, which never worked in Adelaide as they prefer locals anyway.

    You mentioned the call centre option, which seems to me a much better alternative in securing a decent job.

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    Guest Cadas

    There's a circle of call centre jobs in Adelaide, in the CBD the staff rotate between agl, Telstra and origin, then you have the funds such as people's choice,etc. Then Westpac out of town.


    I'm working with origin on some stuff and managers are always looking for people. Try contacting hr directly.

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