Spring fishing

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    Hello all,


    spring has sprung, and today I took the boat out for the first time in a while. The forecast looked a bit windy, so we went down to garden island.

    We had four dolphins swim right up to and under the boat, we could have touched them!


    I looked at a fishing report from last week, as I'm still a novice, and saw that bream and Australian salmon were what I would be likely to catch. We ended up with six salmon keepers, and a fair few chucked back under size.


    A guy at the boat ramp on a kayak seemed surprised we had six fish and was complaining about the tide...


    So what can I look fowards to catching in spring?


    ps, my salmon are currently covered in salt and brown sugar waiting for smoking. YUM

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    Guest Damien

    Nice one! It's always great to go fishing and a feed is a bonus, smoking those salmon after a dry brine of salt and brown sugar is the way to go too. Bloody awesome! One word of warning though, just watch what you eat out of the Port. I eat most things but would steer clear of anything from there, especially bream. Much safer to eat ocean run fish ;)



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