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Huh?How does this work?

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    Hi all,

    Hope someone can clarify this for me.An acqaintance of mine,a guy (he's 60 yrs of age)told me he was born in St Kilda (Melbourne).His parents had emigrated to Australia,but decided to return to the UK when I think he was 2 yrs of age.I asked him if he had an aussie passport and he said he had contacted Oz immi and been told he was not entitled to one???I dont understand the refusal?Surely he would be entitled to one? Also he is thinking of buying a property in Oz (as a holiday home)but I feel doubtful he would be allowed to do this without an aussie passport (an even if he had one,is it allowed?)Can anyone help with this please?

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    Guest Melanie Thornton

    As far as I understand it, he'd need to apply for proof of citizenship, 1 of the criteria is that one parent must have been a permanent resident or citizen at the time of his birth. Birth in Australia doesn't give automatic citizenship. Have looked into it only briefly as I have an Aussie born brother and 2 sisters but the info is here ( see also australian citizens living and travelling overseas)

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