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    Hi, we live in Happy Valley and love it here. There are several different areas and it really depends what you are looking for. If you want to be a little more out in the country such as the top end of Education road - nice for walking but need to drive for shops and maybe school depending how far out. One side of Education road there are a couple of small shops but the hub (Aberfoyle park) would be a drive away. The other side there is a bigger shopping centre with foodland and a range of other stores. We chose to be in the middle so its between 10-20 mins to walk to the shops, Happy Valley primary and Reynella high. Lots of kids walk or cycle, so it's perfect as the kids get old enough to get themselves to school. I don't use the buses too often but the service seems good. I have two children at the primary and they both love it. I have been really impressed the school, teachers and progress my two have made so far while there. They are one of the lucky schools to have the Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden program too. Lots of clubs are available including various sports and pedal prix. If you are looking at local high schools then check the zoning as some of Happy Valley is zoned for the hub and some for Reynella. The hub runs the Ignite program for advanced kids and I cant say too much else on that one as we were not as keen when we looked around a couple of years ago. I've heard quite a bit of positive feed back recently but its obviously a personal choice. Our daughter goes to Reynella east and is doing well. They have lots of sports programs and VET courses available on site for those that want to study anything from child care, cookery, construction, mechanics etc etc. It generally has a wide range to cater for kids no matter if highly academic or not. I hope this helps. let me know if you have any other q's



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