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Surnames in Adelaide

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    There was a really interesting article about the prominence of a Vietnamese surname. It went on to give a breakdown of the most common surnames as recorded in the white pages.


    My very common surname features prominently on the list!!




    SMITH (2305)

    WILLIAMS (1213)

    JONES (951)

    BROWN (933)

    WILSON (675)

    TAYLOR (613)

    NGUYEN (580)

    MARTIN (543)

    THOMAS (489)

    WHITE (416)

    ROBERTS (381)

    HARRIS (379)

    EDWARDS (355)

    THOMPSON (354)

    JOHNSON (317)

    HILL (315)

    LEE (291)

    HALL (271)

    EVANS (266)

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    Guest Claire-n-tel

    We've met 2 families, unrelated to each other, called Twelftree, I've also seen the name on a dentists, apparently its not that uncommon, i'd never heard it until coming to Adelaide

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