Guest Liam Evans

Job ideas anyone ! (Aged 15)

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    Guest Liam Evans

    Hey I just moved from England about 2weeks ago, I'm not in school yet and I'm looking for a job, ill do anything really but I'd like to work for a radio station or something, because once I have finished school I'm am going to be DJ, so if anyone could off help as to me getting better at it, please let me know thanks , also I'm currently in henley beach but I can travel

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    Try ringing your local council office and asking them if they have a youth radio station or anything. You probably wouldn't get paid, but it would be good experience and will look good on your CV. I live in the Tea Tree Gully area and I know they have Youth FM here - they were recently looking for presenters, but you're better off finding something locally. Good luck


    I found this link for the Campbelltown version just so you can get an idea, you could always ring the number on that and see if they know of a similar programme near Henley: -


    Prospect Council also has a youth music scheme called Club 5082 - my son's band has played there a few times and I have a feeling they do DJing nights alternating with the band nights (Mark is a really hlepful contact there)

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    Thats some great links Diane!My son in law is currently studying journalism in the UK,and he works voluntary for a small local radio station.He says the experience is invaluable.To the OP,you might not get a presenting role but you might be offered something behind the scenes which is where most DJ's start.Good luck!Away from the radio side,have you considered delivering brochures?Newspapers?Check out your local paper thats delivered free,usually have those type of vacancies in those.

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    Guest Reenz

    Hi Liam, you might like to check out Radio Adelaide:



    They run training courses for radio presenters - bit pricey I'll admit, but check out the "Skills for All" section - you just may be eligible for subsidies towards your chosen course. Alternatively, it seems to be possible to access their courses via your school (when you have one). Their courses give you credit towards various Certificate courses in Media, so it may be more advantageous than just volunteering at one of the other public broadcasters. They have an info night coming up on 30th September.


    Have to declare my bias here - I did training with them back when they used to be Radio 5UV way way back in the 80's when music was on vinyl only - good times were had by all!

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    Guest Rustyspoon

    Hi OP,


    3d radio are looking for youth presenters all the time, however it is all voluntary work but good experience if that's the game you are looking to work in.


    see here for details, the main station number should be able to put you in touch with the youth presenter section.


    They play alternative stuff so depends what type of music you are into really.

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