City to Bay - Disappointing Year

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    I did my 6th City to Bay yesterday and unfortunately it was very disappointing this year for it's organisation.


    It had been 3 years since my last one, as I managed to find some excuse not to do it, eg.. On holiday, party the night before, bed felt too nice..... but even with the rain yesterday morning i managed to get the energy together to go.


    Minor disappointment No 1... Parking, with the ground redevelopment going on, parking seemed thin, and quite poorly advertised, some people parked a long way down memorial drive, I found a car park (not advertised) the back of the Oval.


    No 2. The start, from an advertised start time of 8:00, it was nearer 9:00am when I got to start, the gaps in between waves was sometimes 20 mins... It was poorly organised


    No 3. The Run, in the past it was encouraged that the better runners go first, with the slower runners after, I would not consider myself a fit runner, but after just a few hundred meters people were walking, sometimes 6 people abreast. It made the run frustrating, and I have no idea where all these people came from.


    No 4. The time, I forgot my watch, but I knew the advertiser shows the results, but alas no..... the start clock didn't work, so I only know the time I finished, which is useless as I'm not 100% sure the time I started....


    Ok, rant over.... I still felt pleased to do it again, but Adelaide, you have to do better.....

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    I'd heard there was a problem with the official timings this year Rob. It's a shame that it wasn't very well organised but congratulations on doing the run anyway! We did the 6K walk last year but decided not to do it this year as we did the Color Run in May.

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