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    Hi I wonder whether anyone can help we have lodged an EOI for South Australia after trying to lodge an EOI for Western Australia only to find hubby's job becoming not available there, now we have a big dilemma as they where supposed to update the New Skills List for WA on 1st October but so far have not done so and I am worried that if we do not carry on with SA application it might also be taken off their too.


    We recently went to Perth and fell in love with the place but have not been to Adelaide, but from what I have seen it look a little similar to me, can anyone please advise me on what to do next and also if we carry on with SA and get visa and we really do not settle there do we have any options of moving to WA at all or do we have to stay for 2 years and get our PR before we can move.


    It not that I have anything against SA its just that we have spent the last 2 years researching WA have got friends there, made new friends on our reccie and have potential employers for hubby too, let just say it would be alot easier for us to go there and our 2 teenage children (13 and 16) aslo liked it there.


    Any information/help/advice would really be appreciated.



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