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    On our day out at the weekend we drove though Blackwood, everytime I go there I say the same thing, I love the feel of the place, the look of the place and could live there. I was wondering if there is anyone on here that could give me some advice on Blackwood, the suburb, the schools and the people, is it mainly Australian there or are there some English. (only asking this for my children so I can cage how well they will fit in at school) .

    Any information on the area would be welcomed. Thank you

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    Hi Sharon,


    Hi Sharon, we are very close to Blackwood in Glenalta and are very happy. Our eldest son started in year 3 at Hawthorndene primary and has been made to feel very welcome and settled quickly. Whilst I hear plenty of British voices in Blackwood and round about (including school) I haven't come across a 'Brits living abroad' mentality if that makes sense. Love the fact that Blackwood feel like a 'proper' town and the shop keepers are friendly. We looked at 3 primary schools up this way - Belair, Bellevue Heights and Hawthorndene. All were lovely and very good facilities and results. None of the schools are zones so you can pick and choose. There's another 3 or 4 up here too. The local state high school will be Blackwood, I've heard good and not so good reports but we have a few years til we need to think about that. Useful school websites are and Feel free to pm me if you'd like to chat more, good luck! Ann

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