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Logistics of the move - House sale/resign/book flights

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    Guest taffgmg

    Hi - Looking for advice from people who have been through this before.


    We have just agreed the sale on our house today. Assuming all goes through Ok, when do you recommend from experience that we should book the flights and resign from work.


    I'm a bit worried I might resign from work or spend a fortune on flights only for the house sale to fall out at a late stage. Maybe being a bit pessimistic but I guess it could happen especially with the way things are at the moment.


    To add a twist to our situation we have my inlaws over from Australia until end of June on a "holiday of a lifetime" so we dont want to move too early and disrupt their plans and because my wife is pregnant we cant fly for insurance reasons after the 22nd July. A bit tight I agree but there we have it.


    Any advice greatfully received!





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    Guest Libby1971

    To be honest, I would wait until baby is born. I think there are limits as to how soon you can fly after a baby is born.


    Once you have looked into this side of things, I think flying when the babe is about 2-3 months old or thereabouts. Give your wife time to recover and then book a place like the ones offered by Guzzler and Sas, Roo, Tyke and Dale&Jo. The reason I say this is because they are considerate enough to make sure you have everything in place for arriving with a small baby.


    I wouldn't resign from work until you have worked out a date for arriving. Once you have a def date for moving out of the house, and I mean really confirmed as in you have moved out, hopefully staying with some good family/ friends then I would resign. Gra and Jac are proof that the best laid plans on a house sale can still go wrong and you don't need the stress.



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    Guest mOZzy

    that sounds like a tricky situation.

    but just like you that's our main question too :wacko:



    well, we haven't even got an offer on the house yet. but still, when we get one - how to go from there?


    we've decided to wait till the sale is completed and exchanged and then book flights and hand in notice (luckily it's only 1 month for oh and he wants 2 weeks off anyways to help and sort things). it's just too risky :err: - and if that means we'll have to stay put a few months more that's how it is.


    i can understand that you want to go asap!!! (we do :D) but it might actually be quite testing for you wife being pregnant. it's hard on her as it is and giving birth in a place she doesn't even know and get to know everything, sort everthing ... with a newborn ...

    maybe worth considering?!


    sorry if i can't be of any help really!

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    Guest graandjac

    :nah:Please please please ......DONT book your flights , we had what was to be a clear chain or lack of it....they had no house to sell and we had none to buy, but it still dragged on for 5 months .


    Everything that could have went wrong did, and our solociter said never book anything untill we have exchanged. Many times we look at flights and wanted to book...!! but iam so glad we didnt as we would had to cancel more than once:wacko:. Please resist........


    Cheers Graham

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    I totally agree with graandjac.


    We accepted an offer for our house 6 weeks ago, the missives were signed 2 weeks later(I think this is a scottish thing, legal contract) for the house only for them to come back last week and ask for the entry date to be put back 2 weeks with no guarantee that they would not ask for a new entry date later, we refused this.


    We have now had to put back our flights from mid June to mid September(we have to validate the Visa by 20th September) at an extra cost of £200 and have not yet told the shipping company of our new date.


    Luckily I had not put my notice in at work or we would be in sh*t creek .


    As it stands now, we have put the house back on the market and are also considering renting out the house.


    Lesson learnt for us is that we maybe should have waited until we had the money in the bank before booking flights or organising shipping of furniture.




    Derek & Jak

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