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    Hi all

    moving to adelaide in the not too distant future! Husband has already secured a job but i need to work for my own sanity! I will be searching for jobs in youth and community work as i have 9 years experience and a degree in this field but I'm wondering in the mean time if there is any scope for mobile hairdressers to keep me going and meet new people! Ive got loads of experience and consider myself a really good stylist with all the relevant qualifications including a certificate in teaching! P.s i have always continued to keep my hand in with the hairdressing so i'm not rusty!

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    Is it an Australian certificate in teaching you have? If not it's only a piece of paper and need to be registered first with the appropriate body in your line of work.

    There are always advertisements for hairdressers in the papers, plenty of jobs. I'm not sure if you not a registration for your mobile hairdresser business, too.

    For youth and community work you also might need to register with the relevant agency, first, otherwise your qualifications cannot be recognised of having 'Australian standard' (that happened to me).

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