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Guest mojo0403

Please Help

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    Guest mojo0403

    Hi all

    We are new to this forum and would like some advise please.


    Sorry for all the questions but......


    1. How soon do you need to move to Australia once you have you Visa?

    2. How do you go about getting a sponsorship, do you contact companies direct. ?

    3. My Husband is a general builder but mainly a window fitter and builds Conservatories. He has lots of skills which includes plastering, bricklaying and extension work, do you think he has a good chance in passing the TRA? our agency has said he will put him down as a glazier on the form, worried about there not being any jobs for him.

    4. Has anybody heard or dealt with Downunder Emigration.


    I told you there is a lot of questions, I feel a little scared in making that first step now and sending of our first installation payment with our signatures on to the agency, I need reassurance. :?



    p.s I am loving getting to know you all, have caught up in whats going on! :D





    Jo, Phill, Molly (4 yrs) , & Alfie (7 months)

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    Guest Rachael

    Hi Jo

    We've just sent our payment to our migration agent on Saturday. As I'm quite new to this I don't know that much but thought I'd try to answer your questions as no-one else has replied yet (although I'm sure they will).

    1. You need to validate your visas within 12 months (I think that time frame is correct) This might just mean a holiday and then move later, up to you.

    2. I'm not sure on this but I found this website: which might be helpful for you. It has a huge list of jobs, info about them in Australia and a link on the right hand side of the info page on jobs available.

    3. I'm sure he'll be able to find work. The site above may help. My Dad (who's coming with us) is hoping to start building houses so he might need some help! :lol:

    4. From what I've heard immigration are very good but when dealing with your visa they don't always like to be bothered, if you do need to talk to them email is better than phone. Case officers that deal with the visa process seem to be very friendly, as you would expect from Australia.


    Hope this helps, don't forget this is probably the biggest thing you will do in your life so don't panic and enjoy it, try to remember why you are going, this helps me. Everyone on here is very friendly so we'll all be here to help. Also british expats site is good for picking up information.

    Rachael. :D:D

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    Guest dglamoore

    Hi Jo


    Hi and welcome :D Will try and answer your questions for you -


    1) Once you have your visa you have to 'validate' it by entering OZ (either to live or a visit) 12 months from the date of your medicals or police checks (whichever you have done first is the date to go by)


    2)When you say sponsorship which visa are you applying for? Is this an employer to sponsor you or a state to sponsor you as in an SIR or STNI visa? If it is an employer - yes you would need to find one willing to sponsor you, if it is the state you fill in an application form which an agent could asist you with as it looks as though you may be planning on using one.


    3)Your agency will advise you if they think there may be any problems with your TRA but as long as your OH as enough work experience in this field and can back it up with references and qualifications if available ( or sufficient on job training) he should be fine.


    4) Not had any dealings with them I'm afraid but also not heard any bad things about them :D


    Good luck with everything - making that first step is a scarey one. Hope some of what I said helps.


    Lisa :D

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    Guest mojo0403

    Thanks Lisa and Rachel for your information :) ,


    I am going to talk with Phill tonight to discuss the next step and maybe phone the agency with our worries. :? .


    The problem I think we will have is that Phill has no qualifications just 20 years of hard work and experience. He is self employed and has been for a long time, has worked for the local council and some architects in the past, maybe if he can get some good references he will be ok. :?: :?:

    We won't be able to go if we can't get him a job, :cry: I work, but currently on maternity leave. I am not skilled but have a few qualifications in travel & tourism and currently working as an estate agent.


    Cannot stop thinking of us all going, all very exciting, if we don't go I know we will regret it. I have had the ok with my mum, who is on her own and also Phill's Dad but they are the only ones we have told in our family.


    will keep you posted on our journey.


    Jo, Phill, Molly & Alfie


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