Help! How close are we to knowing?

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    Hello, we are planning on moving to Adelaide (Henley area) next year and I really wanted to be out by the start of term for my 12 and 16 year old sons to get the best start in their new schools.


    Can any one give me advice on if I am being too optimistic and if there are things I ahve overlooked that will delay us?!


    My husband has been nominated by SA for GSM all requested docs have been uploaded to our advisor and we have our medicals booked for a weeks time. Our police checks are being done. Can't see any reason why we shouldn't get PR visas by end of November latest.


    We have sold our house and rent a place with 1 month notice period. I can leave my teaching post in December. I have started getting quotes for removals and instructed Petuk to handle shipping of our dogs. Researching options for our money now.


    My husband doesn't want to give up his permanant job with BAE until he has one in SA. But I think this could take too long and he would be better to apply out there.


    My cousins in Adelaide are happy to organise a rental in the Henley school zone for us as soon as we say go!


    Urgh... bursting to get going... what to do!

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    Well I agree that it is near impossible for most people to find a job if they are not in the country.

    Rentals, personally I would want to see it first, there are so many that look ok in pics and aren't.

    I'm not sure on the timings of your visa I'm afraid, but good luck. :-)

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