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    Hi All


    We are deciding whether to migrate or not, we did go to Adelaide last Dec/Jan and all had a great time

    Since we came home hubbie has been looking for jobs through the various agencies in Adelaide

    He has seen none that suit his skills and now he is afraid to apply for a visa and we all go (if we get the visa at all hubbie is 44 next week)

    Is work as hard to find ?

    He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer but the last 25 years work experience is in the energy sector going into big companies and helping them to reduce their energy bills.

    Thanks for you help


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    It's such a difficult question to answer. Some people walk straight into work, either in their chosen profession or doing something completely different. Others struggle. Some start off incredibly positive but their view of the world changes as the weeks turn into months and the reality of their situation doesn't move any closer to how they imagined things would pan out.


    It's a harder climate at the moment than a few years ago, and if I were still in the UK with a good job, settled family etc I'd give serious thought to whether it would be wise to make the move. That said, if it's a lifelong dream to move here, and this is the last realistic chance of making it happen, I'd bite the bullet.


    Having the finances in place to keep you going through the first few months (perhaps quite a few months ...) is probably the most important thing given the job market currently.


    Good luck, Jim

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    Ask yourselves what your fall-back plan would be if nothing here worked out for you. If you have one then that's good. If you don't have one then it's a bigger risk.

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    Guest Guest11535

    If you have a good quality of life and you are happy doing what you are doing. You need to ask yourselves what exactly are you going to achieve moving half way around the world. Good weather and beautiful picturesque scenery, unfortunately doesn't pay the bills. Do your homework, do a reccy, after all you can have good weather, beautiful scenery in Spain on holiday every year (for a lot of years) with what it costs to move out here, with the securities of not having to uplift everything.


    Its not a country that will make you happy, it's the person inside that will make you happy.


    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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