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Adelaide again!

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    This time Lonely Planet has voted Adelaide one of the Worlds best cities.

    The accolades keep rolling in.

    Seems like the city is doing something right and has been discovered!



    [h=4]Aussie city voted one of world's best for 2014[/h]








    [h=1]Adelaide voted one of the world's best cities for 2014[/h]







    THIS time, the winner ISN'T Sydney.


    Or Melbourne.

    Instead, it's Adelaide that has scored a mention in Lonely Planet's list of the world's best cities to visit in 2014.

    Joining the likes of Paris and Shanghai on the list, Adelaide, which attracts just 332,000 visitors a year, has been deemed an emerging hotspot due to its secret beaches, arts and wine scene.

    "Having always lived in the shadow of its gregarious eastern-seaboard cousins," the Lonely Planet review said, "the 'City of Churches' has been quietly loosening its pious shackles and embracing its liberal foundations.

    "The year 2014 beckons big changes for the city's heart, with the completion of the multi-million-dollar refurbishment of the Adelaide Oval, which will link central Adelaide with the Oval and its beautiful surrounding parklands, and historic North Adelaide further on."

    "Adelaide is effortlessly chic - and like a perfectly cellared red, it's ready to be uncorked and sampled."

    South Australian Tourism Minister, Leon Bignell, said Adelaide has undergone a huge transformation in recent years, making it a 'more appealing destination'.

    Last year, it was Hobart that made the Lonely Planet list due to its 'natural beauty, arts and foodie scene'.

    HAVE YOUR SAY: Should Adelaide be at the top of tourists' bucket lists? Tell us below.

    The top 10 cities are:

    1. Paris, France

    2. Trinidad, Cuba

    3. Cape Town, South Africa

    4. Riga, Latvia

    5. Zurich, Switzerland

    6. Shanghai, China

    7. Vancouver, Canada

    8. Chicago, US

    9. Adelaide, Australia

    10. Auckland, New Zealand

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    Adelaide, which attracts just 332,000 visitors a year ...


    Ouch! Given those figures, Adelaide needs all the publicity it can get, so in this regard it's welcome.


    I don't reckon, though, that being included on a list like this is some kind of confirmation of the city's place in the world. LP produces a list of different cities every year that it thinks would be good to visit the following year. The list always has a mix of the 'big guys' (Paris, New York, Beijing, London, Hong Kong etc) and some that are more surprising. There's typically a representative (or two) from Australasia. In the last three years, Hobart, Darwin and Newcastle have all been listed.


    Other cities that have been listed in the last few years include Londonderry (or Derry, depending on your persuasion), Cork, Addis Ababa, Ghent, Hyderabad and Puerto Iguaza.


    Regarding the list, LP states: "As always, our shortlist has some known gems and a few to raise a quizzical eyebrow ..." That means Adelaide is either a 'known gem' (not very known given its visitor numbers!) or its inclusion is intended to raise quizzical eyebrows. The latter hardly sounds like a compliment!


    Still, let's hope it leads to a few more visitors!


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    Hi all, Adelaide again! yep that's me, see you all on Monday:notworthy:. my pleasure your pain:biggrin:

    Jee you are getting around a bit :tongue:

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    Hi Keith,


    How come you are back in Adelaide on Monday more work??




    Yes Bal, we have an other Hockey pitch to build in the Barossa Valley this time, the Client gave the work on condition we kept the same team on from the first one, which was a good rep for the team and myself. Also the bit your interested in is work in general, and yes the company is picking up more work recently, some $6m in the last 5 weeks, this being a mixture of building and civil, so looks like things may be starting to look up a little.


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    Wow Keith,


    Thats brilliant news just what I wanted to hear we should be there in new year aiming at April/May time to start our new life and can't wait!! :smile:

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