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    We used to live in the next town over from Teignmouth where Muse are from - never saw them though (so completely irrelevant really!)


    We're currently trying to work out if we should get our son James Blunt tickets for next year - he's been a fan for a few years now and when he played in Plymouth his concert actually had a 15 rating (first time we'd come across a concert with an age limit) so we didn't go then although our son sent him a fan letter asking him if he'd like to come for tea while he was passing - he got a reply thanking him for the offer but that he (James) was just a little busy. Anyway; at over $100 a ticket I'm not sure we can justify the cost for 5 of us but it seems a shame that he'd miss out again...

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    That's what I thought I must admit, ticket prices are so high....but son has been a fan for years and missed out when Muse came to the Big Day Out here a couple of years ago - he went to his first "independent" concert earlier this year to see Tool (and prefers to forget that I made him come and see Robbie Williams with me in about 2005 or 6!) It hurts the budget a bit when you buy the tickets, but by the time the event has come round you've forgotten the pain, and if you (or your son) didn't have tickets, you'd feel envious of those that did! That's my reasoning anyway!!

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