car stereo/ speaker installations

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    Hi guys.


    My son has just got his P's (yah - no more running around for us!! :biggrin:) and he has a car but wants to have a subwoofer and some other speakers put in. Has anyone used anyone for this sort of thing that you would recommend. He has all the gear just needs someone to install it.




    Sally :cool:

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    How old is the car? It's pretty straight forward, and really easy if the car has an ISO wiring loom.


    Toughest part is running the power cable for the amp from the engine bay to the boot, you need to find a hole in the bulkhead from the engine bay. There's normally a couple. Get that through, then run the RCA and remote leads from the head unit to the amp, find an earth point in the boot and you're pretty much done.

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