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    Hi guys,


    We have been in Adelaide for about a year now and I am trying my best to get familiar with schools in our area (Flagstaff Hill).


    Geographically, our closest public schools are:


    Flagstaff Primary (2km from home)

    Craigburn Primary (6km from home)


    We are also considering a private school. At the moment child care is costing us about $20k per year (out of pocket) for both our kids. There are a number is private schools charging $2-3k a year per kid..which is HEAPS cheaper than child care.


    The only private school we have been to look at is St Bernadette's Primary School, which is only 5km from our house and across the road from my wifes new job.


    Has anyone had any experience with Flagstaff or Craigburn Primary or have any recommendations of schools in my area (Flagstaff Hill)?


    At this stage we still not sure about if we should send our kids to a private primary school or not. The nice thing about sending your kids to a local primary school is that there is a good chance that majority of the friends your kids make will live in the area. If we did send I kids to a local public school, then the idea would be to send them to a decent private high school, which I have heard if more beneficial than sending your kids to a private primary school.


    At the same time you want me to make that the school you choose for your kids is the correct one. decisions, decisions!


    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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    Actually had a school tour of Craigburn Primary a few days ago... i was pretty happy with what i saw there, but it was the first public school we have seen.


    Got a school tour of Flagstaff Primary next Friday.


    As both these schools are within 5km from us, theres is good chance we will go with one of the two.

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