Christmas Pageant

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    :xmas8: I'm amazed it's come round so soon but it's tomorrow! It was one of the first "new" things we did last year and it was a really good morning out although I'm not sure it made me feel any more Christmassy than I normally would in early November...:xmas7:


    So for anyone who's new to Adelaide this year, it's worth the trip and you get to colour in the road while you wait for parade to start, there were chalks and water provided and other free stuff if you can find a tent. I also noticed on the website that parking is only $6 for the whole day - but obviously you have to get into town early.

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    We are heading in. Chalk in stock and planning on going in early on the tram. Son is excited, hubby underwhelmed but tagging along lol. He'd rather be out on his bike! But then he did go to the pageant every year as a kid.

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