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    Hi All,


    We live in Flagstaff Hill and we looking at getting my daughter (3.5 years old) involved with Little Athletics (Tiny Tots).


    From what I can see, the closest Tiny Tots group is at Flinders University on a Friday evening (6-7pm).


    Has anyone had kids that have been to the Flinders Little Athletics Group (or any other group)?




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    My two go to the little athletics at Paradise Primary school on a Sunday morning, although they are a fair bit older than yours they really seem to enjoy it. I don't take them so I don't get to see how it works for myself but parents are required to help out and my OH has spent the last coupe if weeks firing the starting gun for the running. Although the kids race against each other the ethos is more about doing your best rather than being the best and it seems really supportive for the less able kids (my oldest son falls in to the less able category). They have come and try sessions where you can go along and see what it's like before committing to joining up which would be worth doing.

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