Virtual uk number?

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    Just wondering if anyone has experience of this, or uses it to make it easier for friends and family in the uk to call you in Australia?


    preferably a free or very cheap service.

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    Guest Flo



    I use SkypeIn (it's a service offered by Skype), it gives you a regular UK phone number, but the call will come to you as a Skype call (so either on your PC or mobile, depending on where you use Skype). Not sure what the annual cost is (I have some subscription to other Skype services which give me discounts on SkypeIn), but I believe you can pick any UK area code (again not absolutely sure about that). It's also possible to have the call forwarded to an Australian mobile phone (for a cost).

    In terms of quality, as long as you have a decent internet connection it's actually pretty decent.

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