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    Who We Are

    We are an Adelaide-based start-up focusing on providing tools and networking opportunities for cyclists. We are at an exciting time of our development, about to formally launch our first offering and with a well-defined development plan to become market leaders.

    Cycle My City is aiming to become a top 5 website in the sports activity tracking arena within 1-2 years (and the leading Australian based site), and top 2 or 3 within 5 years. To do this we need exceptional user growth driven by an exceptional user experience.

    There is a significant market waiting for us and we have a clear roadmap to tapping into that market. We know that we can succeed by opening up segments of this market that currently don’t track their activities, and we will also focus on involving cycling industry segments in our site that are typically ignored by our competitors.

    What We Need

    We are looking for one or more motivated developers to share our vision and work on the following immediate priorities:

    • Iteration of our current Joomla website with user feedback,

    • Refining our UX and UI, and

    • Assist mobile developers in the integration of mobile apps for various platforms.

    Longer term we will migrate from our Joomla architecture to a bespoke site, possibly with Play Framework (Java/Scala), but this is open to consideration.

    You will need to be talented and highly adept at website development, including HTML, PHP5, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, and MySQL, which are the current basis of our site. A wide range of demonstrable experience and a passion for internet start-ups will be crucial, as will experience in developing a flexible API.

    Experience with scaling and tweaking a killer website and web services is highly valued, as would be experience in developing or managing the development of mobile apps!

    Being a keen cyclist, runner or similar would be ideal…

    Salary Guide: Because we’re a start-up, stock options would be a great alternative to salary, ensuring we all focus on the result and maximising your reward upon success. We would also be very grateful for any voluntary assistance if you can’t make a significant commitment at this time.

    What You Need To Do

    If you love the start-up environment and are ready to work with us to build a great user experience then get in touch and let us know why you’re perfect for the job!


    Contact us here: http://www.cyclemycity.com/

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    Do you have a phone number I can call you?


    It's not me advertising, have a look at the web link for contact info. Good luck.

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