Cove under 10's football team - players wanted

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    Hi there,


    my OH, Andy is the coach of the under 10's football team based at The Cove, just off Lonsdale Road, Hallett Cove.


    They train on a Thursday evening and have games most sundays, it is 9-a-side games that they play and they desperately require more players.


    If you know of anyone, boy or girl who is 9 years old by 1st january 2008, then contact me by PM and I will be happy to give more information.


    Many thanks



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    Hi Andy,


    Not much help at moment as we not there tll June ut our boy plays for under ten team here and will proably want to play when there. Be a bit of a treck for us fom Andrews Farm though!!

    Right off out now to watch him play!! I bet im Ref again!!:policeman:


    A quick question how did you egt involved forming a side as i am assitant manager here for the under 10's and mat well want to continue as its refreshing to be able to put something back into a game i used to love playing and now im too old to play!!:swoon:


    ps do they have a vets team??:D

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    Hi Ian,


    He actually went along to our kids school one evening after they were asking for parents to help out with the school teams.


    He then got talking to another person who said the current coach of the cove soccer club would love some help and they think Andy would be the very person to do it. (he used to play professional many years ago now).


    So I think if it is something that you are interested in speak to the local schools and take it from there, but there are independent football clubs in most areas and you may find that there is one in your area.


    There is also an over 35's league with the cove, they train on tuesday nights and play on a sunday, but my OH has knocked this on the head as the games would clash with the kids, but same again, because it is a league you may find there is one in your area also.


    Anyway, I hope your son plays well!

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    Guest jill wright

    I read this post with interest because our eldest son plays for under 12's and as done since being five . I know leaving the team will be wrench (he also plays for school game) and a waste of talent also so we are really hoping junior football is going strong over there even if this means running a team ourselves.

    Just to add our youngest Thomas plays for under 7's and scored his first goal today !!. Good luck with your team and finding players Andy



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    Hi Jill & Phil,


    There are a variety of age group teams that play with the cove, so even if they are not eligible to play with the under 10's, doesn't mean that they can't find a place in the other teams.


    Many thanks for your support though and good luck to yourselves.

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